I’ve always wanted a way to share my experiences with my yoga friends and family without sending out mass-emails. After the past year and a half of fielding questions about my travels (often along the lines of: “What exactly were you doing in Burma?” or “Where are you going now?!”), I am finally joining the world of bloggers. Now as I prepare to embark on the next leg of my yoga-teaching and traveling journey, you can always check-in with my whereabouts, read about my latest adventures, and leave messages and comments for me all right here on my site. Please visit the blog often; I will try to always include photos and anecdotes and would love to hear your response to them. Hearing from all of you, all around the world, is part of what keeps me feeling connected, and, therefore, even more able to serve my students and the yoga community worldwide.

For those of you who I’ve not talked to all that much lately, I’ll fill in a few of the gaps: this past year has been a whirlwind of change in my life, as I welcomed in the new year of 2010 in Chidambaram, India, amidst a sea of chanting holy people, burning incense, and parading deities celebrating one of the great Hindu gods, Shiva Nataraj. I then made my way through the eastern part of Asia and back to the states, finally landing, of all the places in the world, at a summer camp for teenagers in upstate NY. I settled for a few months in Orange County, CA and completed the cycle of 2010 here on west coast as I prepare to leave, once again, for Thailand in early 2011.

To touch on just one highlight of life in Southern California, I have to say how incredibly blessed I am to have 3 Certified Anusara teachers in the county, and countless others just a short hop away. After the relative Anusara draught of SW Colorado (although we did our best, our little 4 Corners Kula), it feels like a refreshing change; I’ve been fortunate enough to take class with one of these amazing teachers every single week since moving here in September. In addition to the local teachers, I traveled “home” to Colorado in the fall to participate in the 2nd Anusara Grand Gathering, with John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, and 700 Anusara yoga teachers, students and friends in Estes Park. A few weeks later I attended Advanced Therapy Training with John in Santa Fe. It has been a year of blessings for which I am very very grateful.

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