What is it that realtors always say? Location, Location, Location! Well, that describes this place to a T. The inside is nothing to write home about… we have simple tile floors, bare white walls and almost no furniture, although we have done our best to decorate with beautiful cloths, tapestries, string lights and paint!

We have a fridge, 3 bowls, 4 plates and a handful of utensils; 2 gas burners that usually work and 3 sinks though only 2 drain (and that’s with the handy plastic-bag plumbing fix-up that Eric managed for us). Truly, it is simple-living at it’s finest. And we have a few pet geckos that are fairly quiet and only occasionally poo on the floor.

The selling point? The roof-top yoga sala with the spectacular view of Haad Salad (Salad Beach). At dawn we tend to get up and meditate, then practice yoga as the sun rises over the palm-tree-covered ridge. It’s such a beautiful way to live, and I’m so grateful for the time here.

Just up the hill is Pyramid Yoga, where the teacher training is being conducted. We walk down a little path/trail to get to our home. I live with 3 other yogi/yoginis who are assisting with the training in many different ways. They are from Greece, Germany and Australia. All of the teachers and students here inspire me, to explore and to learn and just simply to be…

And just down the hill, there’s the beach! It isn’t the nicest on the island, but it’s a short walk, white sand, palm trees, and clear blue water. It’s simply beautiful.

More to come in the next few days about my adventures so far on the island. Missing all of you at home!

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  1. i hear ya! 😉 not to forget the nice cool shower in our half outdoor bathroom! and we have water now nearly every day!!! :-)!!! love love love selina

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